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Released on August 2018

Retirement Investing

Retirement is an important factor that defines one's financial independence and stability. At SigFig, we developed a tool for users to identify their retirement readiness, outline the strategy, and invest towards the goal by providing step-by-step journey tailored to their goal.

Design Goal

Help clients set up strategyWe provided a place to explore the potential impact of today's decision making so that users can set up customized target amount. This allows users to set retirement target that make sense to them.

Allow clients to see where they standIn the return client experience, users can track their investment assets. They can also update the strategy as any changes in their life may happen.

Set Your Strategy

As part of the onboarding experience, we provide users with retirement calculator where they can explore and view the impact of their finances as well as the levers that impacts their future target amount. Instead of directly asking users for the amount, we help them figure that amount out. In the experience we carefully defined levers that are exposed and that are behind a click, making sure providing controls on users hand without overwhelming them with jargons.

Prospect AmountWith above levers, users can explore different potential outcomes based on what they are currently doing and what they may do. One of the key component that has a bigger impact than the others was today's recurring contribution.
Target AmountOur calculation was based on the lifestyle that users may find comfortable considering. We ask the state that they'd live in and the desired standard of living to help them find out the target. More detailed levers were hidden behind a click so that users can process the information with ease.

Tracking Progress

Once we onboard a client on to retirement strategy, we introduce a place where clients can view their retirement assets along their target. In this process, it is important for the users to understand that the information here reflects what they currently have. We've set a clear path to guide users to link their accounts into the experience.

Retirement Tracking PageOnce users successfully link accounts, they can see the progress of their savings and investment towards the target.

Interaction Concept Explored

As part of design exploration, I prototyped a transition between the two pages, tracking page and strategy update page. Because these two pages are correlated based on user's account value and contributions, I experimented a transition that carries the bar graph over for both states.

Concept for a transition to a edit strategy page

What we learned?

We ran qualitative user testing to find out how users may utilize the retirement investing tool and how we may improve it further. During the testing we observed different age groups reacting differently from each other, the level of detail that the users were looking for, how useful it to help users find out target amount, and what may be the right approach to show the potential impact of saving and investing.

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