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As a kid back in the 90s there were no mobile phones, computers, or gameboys to play with but we still found ways to have fun. During 10 minute breaks in between classes at school, my friends and I often played the Face Making Game.

What you do is simple. You first open an empty page of your notebook. Then in a row you draw multiple variations of the eyes. On the next row, you draw noses, then mouths, and so on. Once it is done, you play the role of picker machine. With your pencil, you point at the first row, swiftly moving the pencil tip left and right, waiting for your friend to say Stop! When you hear Stop then you stop moving your hand and see which shape in the row the pencil tip is pointing at. Draw the shape on the empty space. Then move on to the next row and do the same until you are done with the last row. At the end, you end up with a cartoon face made with a funny combination of eyes, nose, mouth, and face shapes.

The fun came from anticipating what kind of face I would end up with. often times, we intentionally mixed ugly shapes with pretty shapes. This made the game even more exciting, giving us a comical result at the end.

Feeling nostalgic about the time, I recreated my childhood game.

Built with nostalgia by Minjong

Face Maker

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